You’re landing on this page as an entrepreneur or creative (or both) who loves to make awesome things and serve rad people. But you might be getting stuck in or finding yourself resenting the need for marketing, networking, and selling. Basically, everything that is involved in getting the money and connections you need to keep making awesome things and serving rad people.

You’re all about being honest, in both your work and your life. Because of that, the sleaziness and shallowness that seems to so often be attached to making sales or business connections feels like something that should have no place in what you’re doing here.

But is that a necessary piece in building a business that you just have to deal with?

Do the ends justify the means? And is it just an unrealistic dream to think that you get to grow, scale, and make bank without forcing yourself to do anything that feels less than genuine, less than real?

At Connected Creatives events, we’re busting the myth that you have to engage in pretenses or putting up facades to grow a business. We’re filling rooms with movers, shakers, and beauty makers. With your future collaborators, clients, and coaches. And we’re talking about how to build a business that runs on 100% pure, heartfelt sincerity and passion. Then, we’re making sure that you guys all meet each other (and make REAL bonds, not just shallow business relationships) so that we can help each other, hire each other, and build empires together.

We’ll start with a talk on effective, soul led marketing and why it sometimes seems so impossible, and have a little training on how to make everything from networking to advertising feel both natural and effective. Then we’ll just snack, converse, and party, allowing you guys to take what we talked about and use it to have incredible, business building conversations with everyone else in the room. You’ll leave with new friends, new inspiration, new energy, but also with the tools to make marketing your business easy, heart-led, and lucrative for the rest of forever.

It’s networking for people that hate networking. It’s a community of like-minded trailblazers.

It’s your door to the connections and education that will bring the success you’ve been craving in your work.

Our first gathering will be in Dallas, on the evening of June 13th, 2019.

You should come help us bust myths and build empires.

I promise it’ll be worth it.