There are few things I enjoy more than hearing about your biggest, brightest dreams.

So, I created a free gift just so I could spend more time talking to more of you guys.

And, of course, there’s something in it for you too. This gift is actually a powerful burst of clarity, here to step into moments of confusion and self-doubt in your business, turn the light back on, and hand you a custom built road map to your next level.

My Dream Definition Sessions are potent, 45 minute calls where we will dive into your business, make sure you’re clear on your deepest desires and biggest dreams, and figure out what is truly holding you back…and what to do about it.

This call takes feelings of stuckness and transmutes them into energy.

For anyone starting something new or feeling like it’s time for a different season (but getting stuck with wondering what they’re supposed to do today).

For everyone who DOES feel like they’re living their purpose (but is so sick of living in financial fear & not seeing that purpose create the life they know it could).

This call is your chance to release the nerves, the stuckness, and the cluttered thoughts, and step into a place of clarity and ease.

To use one of my all-time favorite quotes by Rosa Park “knowing what must be done does away with fear”. This song lets you know what must be done. So you can do away with fear.


I know the question that’s lingering in the back of your mind…

Is this just a cleverly named sales call?

The answer is yes and no at the same time. Here’s why:

The whole purpose of this call is to figure out what your next steps are. My priority is making sure you know what you truly need to do in order to thrive and live your dreams, and getting you to feel good about both your short and long-term to-do lists.

As long as you have your next step lined up by the end of the call, there is no need for that next step to include deeper work together.

But there have definitely been times in the past where we’ve gotten to the end of that session, and both me and the beautiful dreamer I’m talking to have felt like that next step should include more conversations between the two of us.

And when that’s the case, we’ll chat about what that looks like.

Either way, no matter what, you walk away with new clarity and confidence about where you’re at and where you’re going.

You’ve got nothing to lose and zero reason to hesitate.