This one's for the women who feel deep in their soul that they're meant for more.

who love their business, but can't help thinking that paying bills and putting out client fires isn't all their life is supposed to hold.

who know there's something about them that's entirely different from anyone else in their field, but have no idea how to articulate it.


Imagine making one simple post (that’s fun and easy for you to write) and having people see it and immediately reach out to you, ready to pay you just for being your passionate self.

Imagine launching your new service and having it book up immediately.

Imagine waking up with clear, exciting ideas for your social media, getting to play with those ideas, post them, and then WALK AWAY from your computer, knowing that those posts will convert.

Imagine not fighting through thoughts of “this feels so salesy” and “what if they don’t have the budget for me” every time you talk to potential clients.

All of these are symptoms of being, and showing up as, a leader.

And these are the results you can expect after my signature 5 week course, Lead With Your Magic.

I'm currently filling spots for the March round of this incredible course, and I think you should join me.

5 weeks of videos and worksheets designed to create the clarity and confidence that will make sales from social media easy, frequent, and fun.


If you constantly have a pit in your stomach over where your next lead is going to come from, if you dread discovery calls because they feel like half an hour of desperately trying to prove yourself, if your posts get crickets, if your content feels forced, and if you’re watching other women in your field surpass you and reach YOUR goals while you wonder what you’re missing, I need to see you in this course.

I love, love, love Lead With Your Magic because it isn’t just another set of marketing formulas and hacks. It isn’t a bunch of one-size-fits-all strategies. It is a process that teaches you to hear your own voice, trust your own intuition, and tell your own story in the way that only you can. The very best results come from the most honest self expression, so I’m not here to educate you so you how to market like me. I’m here to unleash you so you can market like YOU. In a way that feels authentic, energized, and sustainable.

5 weeks to create a lifetime of ease in your business. Of getting to just be your truest self online and see amazing results come from it

All for just $750, or two payments of $425.

The first 10 people to enroll get a private coaching call with me thrown in as a bonus, just to make sure this is as effective as possible (and if you’re reading this, there’s still a few of those spots left).

Here's what you'll know by the time you leave this transformational course:


Week 1-Define your Magic

You need to know what it is you bring to the table that's different from anyone in your field, and you need to know why that matters. What story can you tell that no one else can?

Week 2-Declutter your Mind

There are fears & beliefs that you’re carrying around that are keeping you from being able to show up fully. They're creating anxiety and keeping you small. It’s time for them to go, so you can go live, talk about yourself, or sell your services without having to go to battle with your emotions first.

Week 3-Define your why

When you’re playing small with your goals and losing track of your ultimate purpose, what you create reflects that smallness and that purposelessness. To move forward, you have to be clear on what you’re moving forward towards, and know how to speak about it.

Week 4-Define your ideal clients

And not in the silly “what brands do they shop at and how many kids do they have” sort of way that leaves you with a bunch of useless trivia you don’t know what to do with. You need to know who you’re speaking to on a soul level. You need to be able to hear and speak into their hearts.

Week 5-Deliver your magic

You need to have a plan for creating and delivering content that reflects YOUR motivation, passion, and unique methods. Instead of copying everyone else, which burns you out, and also keeps you hidden by making sure there’s nothing noticeable about you.

other little bonuses you get (as if you needed any more):

  • Access to a private, Facebook group with your classmates for community and accountability.

  • Action items and bonus challenges to help you put what you learn into action.

  • Bonus modules born straight from my intuition

Sign up below to claim your spot in Lead With Your Magic. 

Let's begin creating new confidence, creativity, and movement in your business.

I feel like I developed a new sense of confidence in myself and my business after taking Frankie’s course! Literally everything in module 2 was perfect for what I was experiencing in my life and my personal life. I appreciate it so much I can’t even begin to tell you.

For the first time today I booked a client at my TOP TIER PACKAGE. I don’t know how Frankie came into my life and has helped me so much, but I am forever grateful.
— Brianne

Your Lead With Your Magic Course changed my life. The course brought my business SO much joy and clarity. I am now clear with my offers and I feel much more confident in my content creation. I don’t feel as stressed in my business and I get excited to show up every day to my audience! It was so much fun to find my “why” in my business and really dig deep into my emotions!

From the beginning to the end of the 5 weeks, I doubled my income and already almost sold out my 1:1 for October, and it’s only October 1st! I’m shocked! Thank you for being the best coach ever!
— Madison
I knew I wanted to make a bigger impact with my clients, but I had no idea how to talk to them about it and what my message was, and I feel like that finally became clear. I finally feel good about what I want to say and who I want to talk to.

It’s been so long since I wrote something I actually really liked. The posts we wrote in the course were the first time in a long time that I felt connected to who I want to be connected to, so I’m really excited about continuing to put that into practice.”
— Kylee