You’re tired of pretending that all you want is an average, safe life. Pretending like what you have is all you want.

Getting together with your friends and hearing the constant little comments about about how broke, tired, frustrated, lonely, stressed, or insecure you all are and wondering “damn, how did THIS become the norm?

You’ve worked so hard to be okay…financially stable, anxious but functioning, exhausted but still getting up every morning, doing work you may not love but at least like, having friends that support you and make you laugh, but who you know haven’t really seen ALL of you. All your depths and complexities and opinions and ambitions.

And in your quiet moments you dream of a little bit more. Or maybe a lot more. The lots more life where your work doesn’t just sustain you, it fulfills you. Where you can genuinely say you like yourself and aren’t afraid to be seen for who you are. Where you don’t have to constantly bat away anxious spirals…where things get to feel easy, authentic, and aligned.

A life of joy that you’re not sure is possible but can’t quite stop wanting.

I meet you in the places where your standards have been lowered, where your faith and hope are weak, and walk you towards the life, towards the YOU, of your dreams.

In everything from physical health to financial abundance, we get to uncover the desires you’ve stopped voicing because they’ve seemed so far off for so long, and we bring them to fruition together.

We take you from just maintaining a life to living a purpose.

Working 1:1 with me is getting to benefit from an amalgam of tools, coaching styles, and healing modalities, so that no matter what is going on in your heart or your life, we have a means of moving through it…and not just ANY means, but probably the best, most efficient, graceful means there is.

Through years of experience, trial and error, trainings and certifications, and education from my own high level mentors, I’ve created an extensive toolkit that my clients get complete access to.

in a typical session, we may:

-Talk through your mindset, diving deep into your past to get clarity on the fears or blocks that are holding you back

-Use powerful energy cleansing techniques to deeply and quickly heal anything you might be experiencing

-Craft tailor made, strategic solutions for you to use in revolutionizing everything from your business’s sales process to conversations with your mom

You’ll have homework like:

-Journaling through worksheets I custom build for you

-Using guided meditations I provide

-Putting plans into action to move the needle on your work, your relationships, your health, or whatever it is we’re creating growth in

It’s intuitive, strategic, supported, and straight up magic.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur wanting to launch new services in a way that feels authentic to you, a career babe working a 9-to-5 that’s causing immense amounts of anxiety, or a dreamer of any sort who’s tired of feeling like they’re standing in their own way, this work can change your life and make your dreams reality.

I can stand by it because it’s the same thing that changed my life and made my dreams reality.

My packages and services range from one hour sessions to 4 month all-inclusive packages…from $111 to $6,000, so I can truly say there’s something for everyone.

If you’ve made it to the bottom of this, you already know if there’s some curiosity here for you.

If there’s a little tingling in your heart that maybe this could be the medicine you’re looking for.

You don’t have to be sure, but you should definitely not ignore that soul nudge. Get a call on the schedule and let’s talk about what magic we could make together.

There’s nothing to lose and literally everything to gain.