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Are you a dreamer who’s tired of not living life to your full potential?

There are skills that your work doesn’t let you utilize. There’s a confident and joyous human trapped within you, under layers of doubt, anxiety, and other’s expectations. There’s a next level life that you dream of in your quiet moments, but that you don’t feel you’ll ever get to live. The daily reality of bills to be paid, obligations to fulfill, and people to keep happy makes sure you’re always too busy and stretched thin to even think about what your other options are…much less pursue them.

I’m here to show you that fun, freedom, and finances can go hand in hand. To help you live life on YOUR terms, with liberty from anxiety, full permission to express yourself, and a deep knowing that you are completely and wholly living your purpose. That spiritually, financially, relationally, physically, and mentally, there is health, wholeness, and joy.



You know that the passion you have and the purpose you serve is unique, yet growingthis business has looked like a lot of scrolling through other people’s sales pages so you can match their packages and prices, trying to outshout the crowd of your seemingly saturated market, and adding in more and more marketing techniques and business strategies that feel like the furthest thing from authentic.  I lead you to discover business strategies that are made specifically for your soul, so that everything about your job, from making sales to writing content, feels like an extension of your most natural, sparkly self.

This is not a quick fix system or a copy-paste business formula - together, we create tailor-made tools that will free you from stressful, inauthentic strategy methods, while also skyrocketing your results. 


Are you ready to discover, authenticity, alignment, and joy in your life and business while experiencing both financial AND  emotional profit?

Sacrificing your values or dimming your shine, even by just a tiny bit, should never be a pre-requisite for having the career, the relationships, or the safety you desire. In fact, I’m here to prove to you that your wildest, weirdest self, is the exact self the world needs. That the more authentically you live, the more successful you become.

In addition to being a business badass, I’m also a certified energy healer, so I use mindset and energy work to help you get the internal growth that it takes to make your external actions effective and sustainable.

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I have solo dance parties between client calls, passionately consume potatoes, and firmly believe your desires are not accidental.

For a bit more background, I started running social media for small businesses in 2014, and continued working on staff at different brands and agencies until I went freelance in July of 2017. I worked as a Social Media Manager primarily, but realized what fed my soul was assisting business owners in conquering the mindset blocks and internal hurdles that were keeping them from the business and online presence of their dreams.

I also have a history of chronic illness, both physical and mental. This cocktail of anxiety, depression, and fibromyalgia kept me from the life, the relationships, and the career I truly wanted for far too long. But, as I found my purpose, I also found my healing. The combination of internal work and external action that built my career - the same combination I now teach my clients - also brought deep, lasting healing to my body and my mind.

I’m wildly passionate about identifying the boundaries that big-dreaming humans place in their own way, and helping them break free. With a combination of mindset shifts, lifestyle changes, and energetic cleansing, I pioneer plans that my clients can run and thrive within, free from the idea that growth has only one formula. It is possible to maintain your magic and get desired results, all with flow and ease. I believe success can look like whatever you want it to, both in business and in life, and I’m here to help you attain that.

So, let’s make magic together, shall we?