I walked into this whole business thing with a body and a brain that was ill equipped for what I wanted to do.
Ill equipped for most things, honestly.

I was 3 years deep into a struggle with chronic illness and woke up every morning just struggling to get out of bed, weighed down by chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia pain.

Decades deep into what felt like a losing battle with crippling anxiety. My normal day was filled with a million spikes of fear and stress, for as little as hearing an email notification sound or needing to call a doctor.

I was struggling. Even with the security of a 9-to-5 paycheck, I was barely holding it together.
So when I announced that I was going freelance, you can imagine the types of raised eyebrows and worried looks I got from friends and family.
The girl who could hardly do life as it was had decided to enter a field known for instability, long hours, and tons of stress.
Truthfully, I wasn’t sure I could do it either…I just knew I needed to try.

I also knew that if I was going to do this thing, it was going to be in a way that HELPED my health (both physical and mental), instead of hurting it. Because I couldn’t afford to have anything hurt it any further.
So I set out about creating a business that didn’t just pay my bills. I needed it to pay my bills and support my joy and allow for healing and fulfill my calling, and if it couldn’t do all of that, I didn’t want any of it.
I recruited personal development tools, took trainings, hired coaches, put everything I had into building the type of business I only dreamed was possible.

Two years later, and I can firmly say that it’s possible. This business has been my full time income for years now, steadily bringing in my ideal client in ways that feel easy, sustainable and authentic. I don’t have to do anything in my business that feels out of alignment with my values. I break millions of entrepreneur rules and see my business grow. The business of my dreams exists, and I built it.

And along the way, I healed my anxiety and cured fibromyalgia.

You read that right. The same tools that built my business also got me off anxiety and depression meds and cured an “incurable” illness. Seriously. Within 2 months of working with the tools I now use every day, my pain and anxiety had decreased dramatically, and now I haven’t had any consistent symptoms in over a year now.
It’s a freedom and joy I never take for granted. And now, I get to take everything that I used to create this beautiful life, and provide it to anyone looking to do the same.

Anyone trying to create a life they can fully own, that looks 100% theirs…anyone trying to create a life where their health, their career, their relationships, their self-image…everything, gets to look and feel their very best. Where no piece of your joy gets sacrificed for another.

I’ve been certified in some of the most powerful healing tools on the planet, I’ve been honing skills and perfecting methods and, basically, doing all that I can to become someone who doesn’t just have an inspiring story, but also someone who can help you create your own.

Whatever you’re facing, whatever it is you’d love to be free from but almost don’t believe it could ever happen, that’s where I want to meet you. That’s what I want to work with you on.

Because your fullest, brightest self is the one the world needs.

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